Leupold Rifle Scopes

Just outside of Portland, Oregon, a 150,000 square foot facility sits on 24 acres of prime industrial land. Inside, over one million pounds of aluminum are consumed annually - extruded to a length of over 100 miles.


Leupold Rifle Scopes

This is the Leupold rifle scopes manufacturing facility. Pioneers of many techniques and standards now followed throughout the industry, Leupold proudly manufactures its rifle scopes and other products in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, using the largest installation of Index Turning Centers west of the Mississippi.

Since 1907, the Leupold factory has occupied a prominent place in the Portland area business community; here, the nitrogen-fill anti-fogging technique taken for granted on all modern scopes was invented. Each and every scope is tested to ensure it is waterproof; each and every scope is manufactured to the exact same tolerances.



With more than a century of innovation behind them, Leupold rifle scopes has created many of the things we forget ever needed to be invented - from the aforementioned nitrogen fill to the classic duplex reticle, a steady stream of new and remarkable features has issued from this hard-working company, including side-mounted parallax adjustment and index-matched lens coating.

Indeed, the lenses are the only component of a Leupold sight that are not manufactured in America; there simply aren't enough high quality domestic lens manufacturers to meet the demand, so lenses are imported from overseas.

And what lenses they are. The quality of the optics on Leupold rifle scopes is nothing short of amazing. Transmitting up to 98% of available light, with superb clarity and definition, the lenses of a Leupold sight are simply incredible. The passion Leupold employees and scientists share for hunting and shooting is evident in every aspect of every product, from the fantastic quality to the unmatched ease of use.

Should you decide on any of the Leupold rifle scopes, you will be purchasing one of the most popular and well known optics company in theĀ  world. Their customer service is legendary as they stand behind their products 100%.

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